Highly motivated, professional and energetic, Monique is very active in not only helping others, but helping them help themselves. Her passion for helping military Veterans is admirable and reflects in the care she exhibits when interacting with others. A proven networker, Monique is connected to the community and is an asset to maintain a working relationship with.

Ms. Rodriguez has an amazing work ethic and a passion for helping clients. She is always willing to offer her assistance and establishes an excellent rapport with her clients. She will be an asset to any organization and I recommend her for any endeavors she chooses to pursue. The ladies enjoyed the groups facilitated onsite by Ms. Rodriguez. Thanks we will miss you!

Monique is that rare professional whose passion runs so deep that she appears incapable of failing in whatever position she may be serving. The proof of her value comes from the enormous amount of support that she receives, unsolicited, in everything she finds herself involved with. I hold the deepest respect for Monique and hope to be able to partner with her again in the future.

Monique is an excellent social worker. She is dedicated to her clients and always goes the extra mile to ensure that her clients get what they need. She is a hard worker and has truly made a difference in the lives of her clients. Monique is an experienced veteran service provider and is highly respected by her peers.

Monique is an elite professional in every sense. She is consistently available when needed and always executes tasks that exceed all standards. Monique is a pleasure to work with with and I am so glad I get to call her my peer.

Monique Rodriquez, is both professional and passionate when it comes to serving Veterans and encouraging the expansion of mental health care needs. I personally love her 'above and beyond' effort and hunger to continue ongoing research in relation to mental health diagnoses such as PTS and Depression. I have witnessed her veteran background and educational background work magic together, as she has served veterans. This is what makes her unique and successful.