Why I want to run for Deer Park ISD School Board Trustee


“Be the change you wish to see in the world” a quote that I have used as I move through life in deciding the academic degrees I pursued, career choices I have made, employers that I have joined, job opportunities that I have engaged, projects I worked on, committees I participated in, and leadership roles I sought. It has always been about aligning my skillset, experience, perspective, knowledge with the personal desire for change and impact in that area.

As a mother, wife, licensed social worker, and a US Army veteran, I am running for Deer Park ISD School Board Trustee, Position 3, because I want to diversify and bring a fresh perspective to our current school board.  I want a school board that is reflective of the community and the school district which it serves. 

As a licensed social worker, my social work core values of service, social justice, integrity, and competence provide the foundation of why I want to play an active role on our school board.  I want to be of service to my community while ensuring that all of our students are provided an equal opportunity for a quality education.  I want to also ensure that our teachers, staff, and administrators have the best possible working environment in developing their careers.  I am bound by my values, ethics and moral obligations as a licensed social worker to ensure that I maintain integrity and competence in my decisions.  As a woman veteran who served in the US Army for 8 years, I want to ensure we have a school district that fully understands the military/ veteran experience especially for our military/ veteran families.  With such close proximity to Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base and with approximately 8,000 veterans in the Pasadena and Deer Park area, our military/ veteran families need to be represented on the school board.

Monique with her sons
Monique with her sons

Deciding to run was not an easy decision, a decision I mulled over for months. I spoke with so many individuals seeking guidance, perspective, and mentorship. I took several training workshops, locally and nationally, to get an understanding and grasp of the work. I challenged myself internally.  Not running is the easier choice. The path traveled by most. Yet, I see the lack of perspective and diversity on the board and it is something I feel that I can bring to our district. “If not me, then who? If not now, then when?”

My time is now. I hope that you will support me in my effort to help diversify and bring a fresh and different perspective to the Deer Park ISD School Board. My mission: to serve the students, parents, staff of Deer Park ISD and the constituents of the area in achieving our mission of maximizing educational opportunities for all students so they may perform at their highest potentials and be successful in meeting the challenges of the future.

In service,

Monique N. Rodriguez, LMSW